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Discover one of the oldest city of Catalonia with a great history! 

City owes Romans with its appearance, who built a Gerund citadel on the crossroads of important trade routes of more than two thousand years ago. Numerous monuments, which have survived until our days, have the greatest historical value. The city is divided in two areas by Onyar river. The old and the modern parts of the city are connected by many bridges across the river. Cathedral of Girona is the next one after the St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome with the nave’s width. The art collection related to religious matter is stored in Cathedral. The treasury of this collection is an impressive handmade "The Creation of Earth" tapestry.

According to many critics opinion, Girona has the best restaurant "El Celler Can Roca" nominated with three Michelin stars.

In Girona you can find a different cultural programs and festivals, shops and boutiques for a different taste.